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Distribution of Demographics
Executive vs Worker Compensation
  • Employee Ownership: Economic Miracle or ESOPs Fable?
    ... Ronald A. Wirtz [Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, June 2007]
  • Executive Compensation
    ... [Center for Corporate Policy]
  • Organizational Issues in Worker Ownership: Problems of Organizational Order in Worker Control of Production in Plants Dropped as Obsolete
    ... John W. Murphy [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 1984]
  • Worker, the Union and the Democratic Workplace
    ... Kenneth O. Alexander [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, October 1987]
  • Worker Ownership and Participation in the Context of Social Change
    ... Kennnth O. Alexander [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 1985]


Distribution of Demographics
  • Housing the Urban Poor in Developing Countries: Other Policy Options for National Shelter Strategies Are Examined Since Conventional Ones Are Inadequate
    ... Dennis A. Rondinelli [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 1990]
  • Housing Affordability and Land Prices: Is There a Crisis in American Cities
    ... Edward Glaeser, Joseph Gyourko and Christian Hilber [December 2001]
  • Housing the Urban Poor in Developing Countries: The Magniture of Housing Deficiencies and the Failure of Conventional Strategies are World-Wide Problems
    ... Dennis A. Rondinelli [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, April 1990]
  • List of Countries by Home Ownership Rate
    ... [Wikipedia]
  • Magnitude of Housing Deficiencies and the Failure of Conventional Strategies Are World-Wide Problems
    ... Dennis A. Rondinelli [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 1990]


Distribution of Demographics
  • A Detailed Look at Global Wealth Distribution
    ... Tyler Durden [11 October 2010]
  • Distribution of Wealth
    ... [at Wikipedia]
  • Economic Development and Income Distribution: A Cross-National Analysis
    ... Kenneth J. Branco and John B. Williamson [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 1988]
  • Ending American Triumphalism
    ... Eric Alterman [The Nation, January 7, 1999]
  • How Poverty Breeds Overpopulation (and not the other way around)
    ... Barry Commoner [Ramparts, August/September 1975]
  • Income Distribution in the Third World
    ... Ira S. Saltz [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, January 1995]
  • Political Unionism and Autonomy in Economics of British Colonial Origin: The Cases of Jamaica and Trinidad
    ... Caswell L. Johnson [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, July 1980]
  • Poverty and Mass Unemployment in Mineral-rich Botswana
    ... Robert L. Curry, Jr. [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 1987]
  • Poverty Facts and Stats
  • Trickle-Up Economics: New Report Reveals Staggering Global Wealth Concentration
    ... Sam Pizzigati [Global Policy Forum, October 2007]
  • The Unequal Distribution of Population and Wealth in the World
    ... Claude Grasland [Population and Societies, May 2001]
  • What It Takes (and what it means) to be Wealthy Today
    ... Richard Todd [Worth, 1996]
  • What's Driving Migration?
    ... Hal Kane [World Watch, January/February 1995]
  • The World Distribution of Household Wealth
    ... [World Institute for Development Economics Research of the United Nations University; 5 December 2006]


Distribution of Theoretical writings on

An extensive selection of writings on the taxation of wealth follows in a later section, presenting both theoretical and real world analyses of the connection between taxation of a just distribution of wealth

  • The Cobb-Douglas Production Function: The Effects of Income Taxes on the Rental Value of Locations
    ... [a land-theory discussion held October 1999; David Hillary, Fred Foldvary and Roger Sandilands]
  • Distribution of Wealth
    ... [at Wikipedia]
  • The Distribution of Wealth in America
    ... Hodgson [Fairfield University, 2007]
  • In Defense of Speculation
    ... Max Kummerow [a World Bank discussion on poverty, December 11, 1998]
  • Interest Originating from invested Rent: Social or Private Property?
    ... Robert V. Andelson [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 1992]
  • Land Rent Flows In Economic, Political and Environmental Transitions
    ... David H. Smiley [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, January 1997]
  • Laws of Economic Rent and Property
    ... Cyrus Bina [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 1992]
  • Ground Rent as a Portion of United Statees National Income
    ... David Friedman [an excerpt from Professor Friedman's book providing an estimate of "rent" as a portion of national income]
  • Natural Monopolies and Rent: A Georgist Remedy for X-Inefficiency Among Publicly-regulated Firms
    ... George Babilot, et al. [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, April 1987]
  • Ownership Solution
    ... [an edited transcript of the internet discussion on the book by Jeff Gates]
  • Readings in American Democracy
    ... Thames Williamson [Chapter XI discusses Henry George's proposals for a "single tax" to address problems of wealth concentration. Published by Heath, 1922; made available online by Google Books]
  • Wages, Unemployment and Markets
    ... Gavin R. Pulland [Brisbane, Australia; part of World Bank discussion on poverty, March 2000]
  • Wealth, Income and Race in the United States
    ... Edward J. Dodson [A compilation of statistics prepared in 1990]
  • Where Do The Rents go? Land Ownership in an Urban Model
    ... Stephen Ross and John Yinger [a paper published by the Center for Policy Research, The Maxwell School, Syracuse University, November 1996]
  • Who Rules America?
    ... G. William Domhoff [December 2006]