American Alliance to Advance Freedom

Sidney Abelson

[Reprinted from Land and Freedom, January-February 1941]

A group of Georgeists have been meeting during the past few weeks for the purpose of launching an organization that will bring Henry George's proposals to the forefront "in the councils of world affairs." Calling itself the American Alliance to Advance Freedom (with the subtitle, "By Promoting the Principle of Natural Economic Rights"), this organization plans to issue pamphlets, conduct current events forums, and engage in related activities. The following aims have been formulated:

  • To awaken interest among non-Georgeists in the Georgeist doctrines, so that many whose curiosity is thus aroused will seek formal instruction.
  • To crystallize Georgeism in terms of specific goals in order to offer concrete objectives for men and women seeking a way out of the present social and economic crisis.
  • To bring the issue of Georgeism before legislative bodies throughout the country in order that the principles of equal right to the use of land and free trade will be adopted as the basis for making the coming peace a permanent and a just one.

The Chairman of the Alliance is Sidney J. Abelson, the Secretary is Elbert Josefson, and the Financial Secretary, Sara Wald. The Provisional Committee consists of Lloyd Buchman, Miles Shefferman, Roberty Clancy, Gilbert M. Tucker, Erna L. Nash, and Malcolm R. White.

The Alliance is issuing a "Proposal for Georgeist Action Now," to be submitted to followers of Henry George. Herewith are selected passages:

"What stands out in the life of Henry George, in his life as an author and his life as an active man of affairs, is his belief in immediate social reform and his faith that vigorous, zealous action could make that reform a reality.

"We side with Henry George in his belief and in this vision.

"The cry for bread and peace issues from the throats of nearly two billion human beings. Who can answer this call?

"So-called 'capitalism' (a misnomer for our monopoly system), Socialism, Communism, Nazism, Fascism, each in turn had its day and failed. There is no answer to be found in any of these.

"With each passing day the cry becomes deeper and more desperate. The organism we call society does not and cannot stand still.

"We believe that the doctrines of Henry George answer this call for a new way of life that will bring peace and prosperity through justice. We believe that the two billion human beings now inhabiting this planet, however indifferent they might have been to us before the various "isms" were tried and found wanting, are now hungry for the very doctrines we have to offer, and that they will listen to us if we speak up.

"We believe that our time, the time of a Georgeist emergence into the councils of world affairs, is at hand."

The Alliance has also issued a "Declaration of Principles." The complete Proposal, the Declaration, application for membership, or any other information, may be obtained by writing to the American Alliance to Advance Freedom, 22 West 48th Street, Suite 505, New York, N. Y.