Liberating Economics

Cay Hehner

An unpublished manuscript (est. 2010)

  1. Mercantilism: The Teach and the Purser
  2. Physiocracy: The Healer and the Wizard
  3. Classical Economics I: the Thinker and the Yea-Sayer
  4. Classical Economics II: The Parson and the Law-Giver
  5. Economics of the New Frontier I: Foundating Father and Firebrand
  6. Economics of the New Frontier II: Liberator and Lending-Lord
  7. Economics of the New Frontier III: The Seer and the Trail-Blazer
  8. Socialism: Worldly Utopians and a Mendicant Prophet
  9. Economic Technocracy: The Gadfly and the Puritan
  10. Demand-Side Economics: Gentleman-Counselors
  11. Monetarism and Supply-Side Economics: The Heralds of the Strongman
  12. The Other Side of Economics: Missing Gender Equality and a Lost Environment
  13. Liberation Economics: Henry George and Natural Resources Management
  14. A Digression on Maverick Economics: The Slave and the Pulp-Fiction Writer
  15. Pre-Socialist Economics: The Martinet Esthete and the Amazon Worshipper

NOTE: Chapters 14 and 15 were included in the manuscript but not listed on the contents page. They are numbered as extra chapters labeled 8 and 9.