The Correspondence of Thomas Jefferson

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I have it in my power to acquaint you, that the success of our arms has corresponded with the justice of our cause. Chambly and St John's were taken some weeks ago, and in them the whole regular army in Canada, except about forty or fifty men. This day, certain intelligence has reached us, that our General, Montgomery, is received into Montreal; and we expect, every hour, to be informed that Quebec has opened its arms to Colonel Arnold, who, with eleven hundred men, was sent from Boston up the Kennebec, and down the Chaudiere river to that place. He expected to be there early this month. Montreal acceded to us on the i3th, and Carleton set out~ with the shattered remains of his little army, for Quebec, where we hope he will be taken up by Arnold & In a short time, we have reason to hope, the delegates of Canada will join us in Congress, and complete the American union, as far as we wish to have it completed. We hear that one of the British transports has arrived at Boston; the rest are beating off the coast, in very bad weather.

to John Randolph, 29 November 1775