Henry George and Supply-Side Economics

Arthur B. Laffer

[A letter to Edward J. Dodson; 1 August, 1983 from Professor Arthur B. Laffer,
Department of finance and Business Economics, University of Southern California]

Dear Mr. Dodson:

Your letter to Congressman Kemp was to the point. Given his volume of mail, he probably had no chance to focus, which is guite understandable for a man in his position.

I generally prefer a more general verson of Georgian economics -- looking at the efficacy of taxation vis-a-vis supply elasticities and homogeneity of factor characteristics. George himself derived his land tax concept from the more general theories. In this light, I enclose my ellipse piece which is pure Georgian economics.

Thanks for passing on your letter. I appreciate both aspects of the frustration.

Sincerely, Arthur B. Laffer Charles B. Thornton Professor of Business Economics ABL:ms P.S. If you would like to see the whole version of Georgian macro-economics, I recommend my book with Professors Canto and Jones: The Foundations of Supply-Side Economics, published by Academic Press.