News of the International Union
for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade


[Repringed from Land and Freedom, July-August 1927]

THE Memorandum of the International Union for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade presented to the recent Economic Conference at Geneva has been given a worldwide circulation and translated into eight languages. (The full text of this document was given in the May-June issue of Land and Freedom.)

Copies in various languages were distributed to all the delegates in attendance at the International Chamber of Commerce meeting at Stockholm, June 27.

The Danish translation by Jakob E. Lange (translator of Progress and Poverty) was sent to members of the Danish Parliament and many others.

More than 1500 of the German text were sent to members of the Reichstag, state parliaments, press and persons in public life. Similarly, 1200 copies in Norwegian were distributed in Norway.

Sr. Antonio Albendin made the Spanish translation and distributed copies to the press and members of the government, also to our many friends in South America. The Journal of Cadiz printed the document in full.

The French text has been circulated by Mr. Sam Meyer. The German text has been widely circulated in Austria and the French text in Greece. A Dutch translation has been circulated in Holland and a Hungarian translation is under way.

Land and Liberty, of London, informs us that one of the new members of the International Union, is Alice, Princess Andrew of Greece, who in her letter enclosing subscription for membership, says, "I think the International Union is of real value." She asks for copies of the Memorandum in French and in the Athens daily Praia she announces that she has joined the Union and indicates her great interest in the work. She has also brought a new member into the Union, a countryman and member of the Greek legation in Paris. It will be remembered that the Greek government sent its official representative Mr. Pavlos Giannelia, to the Copenhagen Single Tax Conference.

The Committee of the International Union will hold a meeting on Saturday, August 13th, at Copenhagen. The president, Charles O'Connor Hennessy, will attend. Others who will be present include Ashley Mitchell and A. W. Madsen, of London, and Dr. Arnold Schwarz and Dr. Otto Karutz, of Germany, and Mr. Halfdan Hansen, of Sweden. Mr. Hennessy will make a brief tour of Great Britain and leave for home on September 3rd, to be here in time for the Henry George Congress, September 12, 13 and 14.