A Remembrance of Eugene A. Levin
1926 - 2002

Nadine Stoner

[Reprinted from GroundSwell, 2002]

Eugene Levin of suburban Seattle died April 8 of a second stroke, the first having occurred in 1997. An engineer, he graduated from the University of Washington, having moved to Washington state in 1946.

Eugene brought his daughter, Gail, with him to the 1992 Council of Georgist Organizations conference in the Domenican Republic. Eugene and his wife, Patricia, attended the annual Council conferences in 1993 in L.A., in 1994 in Fairhope, and in 1996 in Ottawa. He is also survived by a son Glenn, stepson Jeremy Surbrook, sister Ruth, and grandchildren.

Eugene was a 1989 charter member of the Washington State chapter of Common Ground-USA, and worked with Marvin Saillard and Meta Heller to get the Olympia mayor to present a two-tier property tax study resolution to the annual conference of the Association of Washington Cities, where it passed in 1993.

Working through the Washington State Georgist Association, Eugene was the main energy behind the 1993 publication of "Application of a Hypothetical 2-Rate Property Tax in King County" (where Seattle is), by Dr. Thomas Gihring; and also the 1994 publication, "Let the State of Washington Look to the Land," written by Walter Rybeck.