Authors A-E

Aristotle for Everybody
By Mortimer J. Adler (1978)
The Common Sense of Politics
By Mortimer J. Adler (1971)
Haves Without Have Nots
By Mortimer J. Adler (1991)
The Difference of Man and the Difference It Makes
By Mortimer J. Adler (1967)

Only Yesterday
By Frederick Lewis Allen (1931)
Since Yesterday
By Frederick Lewis Allen (1939)
The Big Change
By Frederick Lewis Allen (1952)
The Lords of Creation
By Frederick Lewis Allen (1935)

Post-Prandial Philosophy
By Grant Allen (1894)

The Cost of Something for Nothing
By John P. Altgeld (1904)

Commons Without Tragedy
By Robert Andelson, editor (1991)
Critics of Henry George
By Robert Andelson, editor (1979)
Henry George and the Reconstruction of Capitalism
By Robert Andelson (Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, 1994)

Essays on Economical Subjects
By James Arbuckle (1885)

Thomas Paine
By Alfred J. Ayer (1988)

Daniel Boone, Master of the Wilderness
John Bakelss (1939)

Costing The Earth
Ronald Banks, Editor (1989)

Henry George
By Charles Arlo Barker (1955)

Whose World
By Margaret Bateman (1944)

Edward McGlynn: Rebel, Priest and Prophet
By Stephen Bell (1968)

Toward The Light
By Lewis H. Berens (1903)

A Study of Colonization and its Problems
By Poultney Bigelow (1901)

Single-Tax George
By Arthur Birnie (1939)

Merrie England
By Robert Blatchford (1894)

Karl Marx and the Close of his System
By Eugen von Bohm-Bawerk (1049)

Inflation Is Coming
By Ralph Borsodi (1945)
Inflation and The Coming Keynesian Catastrophe
The Story of the Exeter Experiments With Constants
By Ralph Borsodi (1989)

Economics Simplified
By Elizabeth E. Bowen (1948)

Other People's Money
By Louis F. Brandeis (1913)

Canberra In Crisis: A History of Land Tenure and Leasehold Administration
By Frank Brennan (1971)

The Social Unrest: Studies in Labor and Socialist Movements
By John Graham Brooks (1903)

Earned and Unearned Incomes, Inequality and Taxation
By Harry Gunnison Brown (1921)
International Trade
By Harry Gunnison Brown (1920)
Land Value Taxation Around the World
Harry Gunnison Brown, editor (1955)
The Economic Basis of Tax Reform
By Harry Gunnison Brown (1932)
The Economics of Taxation
By Harry Gunnison Brown (1924)
The Theory of Earned and Unearned Income
By Harry Gunnison Brown (1918)

Sir William Johnson
By Augustus C. Buell (1903)

Prospects for the Social Transformation of Latin America
By James Busey(1985)

Land Title Origins: A Tale Of Force And Fraud
By Alfred N. Chandler (1945)

Consequential Macroeconomics
By David Chester(2015)

One Is A Crowd
By Frank Chodorov (1952)

Out of Step: The Autobiography of an Individualist
By Frank Chodorov (1962)

The Rise and Fall of Society
By Frank Chodorov (1959)

A Seed Was Sown
By Robert Clancy(1952)

Great Contemporaries
By Winston Churchill (1932)
Liberalism and the Social Problem
By Winston Churchill (1909)

Man's Birthright or The Higher Law of Property
By Edward H. Gordon Clark (1885)

Josiah Tucker, Economist
By Walter Ernest Clark (1903)

Land Value Taxation in Britain
By Owen Connellan (2004)

The Bible And Land
By James Booth Converse (1889)

The Life of Thomas Paine, Vol.2
By Moncure Daniel Conway (1892)

Progressive Democracy
By Herbert Croly (1914)

Garrison The Non-Resistant
By Ernest H. Crosby (1906)
Golden Rule Jones, Mayor of Toledo
By Ernest H. Crosby (1906)
Labor and Neighbor
By Ernest H. Crosby (1908)

By John Sherwin Crosby (1901)
The Orthocratic State
By John Sherwin Crosby (1915)

Eclological Economics
By Herman Daly and Joshua Farley (2004)

The American Monetary System
By Robert A. Degen (1978)

Cycles: The Mysterious Forces That Trigger Events
By Edward R. Dewey with Og Mandino (1971)

The Discovery of First Principles
By Edward J. Dodson (Volume I, published by iUniverse)
The Discovery of First Principles
By Edward J. Dodson (Volume II, published by iUniverse)
The Discovery of First Principles
By Edward J. Dodson (Volume III, unpublished; Volumes I and II published by iUniverse)

Land Value Rating
By Francis C.R. Douglas (1961)

Land, People & Politics: A History of the Land Question in the United Kingdom 1878-1952
By Roy Douglas (1976)

The Elements of Political Science
By Patrick Edward Dove (1854)
The Theory of Human Progression
By Patrick Edward Dove (1856)
The Theory of Human Progression
By Patrick Edward Dove (1856 / an abridged edition published in 1910)

True And False Economics
By W. Arthur Dowe (1989)

The Future of Industrial Man
By Peter F. Drucker (1943)

Joseph Fels and the single-tax movement
By Arthur Power Dudden (1941)

Beckoning Frontiers
By Marriner Eccles (1951)

The Decline of American Liberalism
By Arthur Ekirch, Jr. (1955 -- selected chapters)