Authors P-T

Rights of Man
By Thomas Paine (1791 and 1792)

Main Currents in American Thought
By Vernon Louis Parrington (1927)

The Great Robbery
By J.W. Graham Peace (1933)

Outlines of Lectures
By Louis F. Post (1894)
Social Service
By Louis F. Post (1909)

On Board The Good Ship Earth
By John Herbert Quick (1913)

Tragedy and Hope (Chapters 1 thru 38)
By Carroll Quigley (1966)

What's Wrong With Taxation?
By Jackson H. Ralston (1931)

How to Abolish Poverty
By George L. Record (1936)

Tolstoy: Principles for a New World Order
By David Redfearn (1992)

Why Global Poverty? Think Again
Select essays from the companion guide to the film "The End of Poverty?" written by Clifford W. Cobb and Philippe Diaz (2009)

Henry George
By Edward Rose (1968)

Distributive Justice
By John A. Ryan (1927 -- New Revised Edition)

Re-solving the Economic Puzzle
By Walter Rybeck (2011)

Land Tenure and Land Taxation in America
By Aaron Sakolski (1957)
The Great American Land Bubble
By Aaron M. Sakolski (1932)

The Taxation of land Value
By Yetta Scheftel (1916)

Rebels of Individualism
By Jack Schwartzman (1949)

Natural Taxation
By Thomas Shearman (1895)

Taxation of Land Values and the Single Tax
By William Smart (1900)

Counting Bounty
By Jeffrey Smith (2020)

The Role of Money
By Frederick Soddy (1934)

The Present Distribution of Wealth in the United States
By Charles B. Spahr, Ph.D. (1896)

The Singletax and the Labor Movement
By Peter Speek (1915)

Laws of Social Evolution
By Carl N. Starcke (1932)

The Viking Danes
By Viggo Starcke (1949)

Ideo-Kleptomania: The Case of Henry George
By J.W. Sullivan (1889)

Economic Liberalism
By Knud Tholstrup (1973)

Taxation's New Frontier
By Joseph Thompson (1961)

Liberty and Justice for All
By Nicolaus Tideman (2006)

The Slavery of our Times
By Leo Tolstoy (1900)

A Treatise on Political Economy
By Destutt Tracy (1817)

Bisocialism: The Reign of the Man at the Margin
By Oliver R. Trowbridge (1903)

Common Sense Economics
By Gilbert Tucker (1957)
For the Good of All: War, Taxes and Politics in the Life of Ethical Principles
By Gilbert Tucker (1944)
The Self-Supporting City
By Gilbert Tucker (1946)