Authors K-O

Essays in Persuasion
By John Maynard Keynes (1931)
The Economic Consequences of the Peace
By John Maynard Keynes (1919)

The Shaping of the American Experiment and a Free Society
By Adrienne Koch (1965)

Libertarian Party at Sea on Land
By Harold Kyriazi (2000)

Henry George in the British Isles
By Elwood Lawrence (1957)

Economists At Bay
By Robert Lekachman (1976)

Power and Privilege: A Theory of Social Stratification
By Gerhard E. Lenski (1966)

Tom L. Johnson, Mayor of Cleveland
By Carl Lorenz (1911)

Japanese Notions of European Political Economy
By Tenearo Makato (1898)

Taxation of Land Values in American Cities
By Benjamin C. Marsh (1911)

Our Irrational Distribution of Wealth
By Byron C. Mathews (1908)

Towards The Free Society
By E.P. Middleton (1979)

Henry George, Citizen of the World
By Anna George de Mille (1950)

An Examination of Henry George's Position as a Systematic Economist
By Robert Moffat (1885)

Property Rights in Land: A Philosophical Analysis of the Rights and Responsibilities of the Ownership of Land
By Christopher P. Mooney (1981)

Freedom and Federalism
By Felix Morley (1959)
Our Far Eastern Assignment
By Felix Morley (1959)
The Foreign Policy of the United States
By Felix Morley (1951)
The Power in the People
By Felix Morley (1949)

A Public Debate with Edwin R.A. Seligman: "Capitalism" vs. "Socialism"
Scott Nearing (1921)
Dollar Diplomacy: A Study in American Imperialism
Scott Nearing and Joseph Freeman (1925)
Elements of Economics: With Special Reference to American Conditions
Scott Nearing and Henry Reed Burch (1913)
The Next Step
Scott Nearing (1922)

Duty to Civilization
By Francis Neilson (1923)
How Diplomats Make War
By Francis Neilson (1915)
In Quest Of Justice
By Francis Neilson (1944)
Man at the Crossroads
By Francis Neilson (1938)
Modern Man and the Liberal Arts
By Francis Neilson (1947)
The Eleventh Commandment
By Francis Neilson (1933)
The Makers of War
By Francis Neilson (1950)
The Old Freedom
By Francis Neilson (1919)
The Roots of Our Learning
By Francis Neilson (1946)

Progress and Poverty in Economics
By Edward Nell (2018)

Henry George
By Albert Jay Nock (1939)
By Albert Jay Nock (1926)

Now The Synthesis: Capitalism, Socialism & the New Social Contract
Richard Noyes, editor (1991)

Anarchy, State and Utopia
By Robert Nozick (1974)

Back To The Land
By Thomas Nulty (1880)

The Third Factor of Production
By Arthur J. Ogilvy (1898)

The State
By Franz Oppenheimer (1922)

The Right Track
Rolland O'Regan (1980)

Taxation of Land Values
By John Orr (1912)

Henry George
By Jacob Oser (1974)