Authors F-J

Towrds A New Society
By Allen Fairhall (1997)

The Life of Joseph Fels
By Mary Fels (1940)

A Single Tax Handbook for 1913
By Charles Fillebrown (1913)
The ABC of Taxation
By Charles Fillebrown (1909)
The Principles of Natural Taxation
By Charles Fillebrown (1917)

Crusaders for American Liberalism
By Louis Filler (1939)

Constructive Democracy
By William J. Flacy (1923)

The Economic and Social Problem
By Michael Flurscheim (1909)
Rent, Wages and Interest
By Michael Flurscheim (1891)

The Marginalists and the Special Status of Land as a Factor of Production
By Fred Foldvary (2010; co-authored by Fernando Scornik Gerstein)
Natural Rights
By Fred Foldvary (1985)
The Science of Economics
By Fred Foldvary (1999)

Money and Freedom
By Robert de Fremery (1955)
Rights vs. Privileges
By Robert de Fremery (1992)

Land Speculation as an Obstacle to Ideal Allocation of Land
By Mason Gaffney (1956)

A Utopian Heritage: The Fairhope Single Tax Colony
By Paul Gaston (1986)

Land Tenure and Unemployment
By Frank Geary (1925 - selected chapters)

The Philosophy of Henry George
By George Raymond Geiger (1933)
The Theory of the Land Question
By George Raymond Geiger (1936)

A Perplexed Philosopher
By Henry George (1892)
The Condition of Labor
By Henry George (1891; abridged by Will Atkinson)
Our Land and Land Policy
By Henry George (1871)
Progress and Poverty
By Henry George (1879 - select chapters and condensed editions)
Progress and Poverty
By Henry George (1879 - a 1935 printing of the book)
Progress and Poverty
By Henry George (1879 - An edited and abridged edition by Bob Drake, 2006)
Progreso Y Miseria
By Henry George (1893 translation by Baldomero Argente Del Castillo)
Protection or Free Trade
By Henry George (1886)
Social Problems
By Henry George (1883)
The Science of Political Economy
By Henry George (1898)
The Science of Political Economy
By Henry George (1898). An abridged edition published in 2004 by the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation

The Life of Henry George
By Henry George, Jr. (1900)
The Menace of Privilege
By Henry George, Jr. (1906)

Our Benevolent Feudalism
By William James Ghent (1902)

Principles of Political Economy
By Charles Gide (1923)

Jose Marti: Cuban Patriot and Poet
By David Goodnough (1996)

The Problem of War and its Solution
By John E. Grant (1922)

The Wonderful Wealth Machine
By Phil Grant (1953)

Economic Tangles
By Judson Grenell (1902)

Sir William Johnson and The Six Nations
By William Elliot Griffis (1891)

Society in Conflict
By George Hardy (1973)

The Corruption of Economics
By Fred Harrison (1994)
The Inquest
By Fred Harrison (2010)
The Power In The Land
By Fred Harrison (1983 and 2023; this link will take you to the publisher's website where you can purchase the book)
The Silver Bullet
By Fred Harrison (2008)
Wheels of Fortune By Fred Harrison (2006)

The Earth Belongs to Everyone
By Alanna Hartzok (2008)

Cause and Control of the Business Cycle
By Edward Harwood (1932; revised 1950)

America At The Crossroads
By Gaston Haxo (1973)

Liberating Economics
By Cay Hehner (2010)

Why The German Republic Fell
By Bruno Heilig (1938)

Unemployment, Inflation and Taxes on Land
By Les Hemingway (1982)

The Physiocrats
By Henry Higgs (1897)

From Marx to Lenin
By Morris Hillquit (1921)
History of Socialism in the United States
By Morris Hillquit (1903)
Socialism Summed Up
By Morris Hillquit (1912)

Democracy versus Socialism
By Max Hirsch (1901)
Economic Principles: A Manual of Political Economy
By Max Hirsch (1896)
Socialism: The Slave State
By Max Hirsch (1904)

Taxation in the New State
By J.A. Hobson (1919)

Dreamers of the American Dream
By Stewart Holbrook (1957)

An Explanation of the Land Value Tax
By Ian Hopton (2022)

Privilege and Democracy in America
By Frederic C. Howe (1910)
The City: The Hope of Democracy
By Frederic C. Howe (1909)
The Confessions of a Reformer
By Frederic C. Howe (1925)
The High Cost of Living
By Frederic C. Howe (1917)
The Land and the Soldier
By Frederic C. Howe (1919)
The Modern City and its Problems
By Frederic C. Howe (1915)
The Only Possible Peace
By Frederic C. Howe (1919)

One Hundred Years of Land Values in Chicago
By Homer Hoyt (1933)

A Philosophy for a Fair Society
By Michael Hudson, George J. Miller and Kris Feder, with a Prologue co-authored by Michael Hudson and Fred Harrison (1994)

The Great Conversation
By Robert Maynard Hutchins (1952)

What Killed Prosperity in Every State from Ancient Rome to the Present
By Graham Hutton (1960)

Libertarian Land Philosophy: Man's Eternal Dilemma
By Oscar Johannsen (undated)

The New Utopia: or, Progress and Prosperity
By Alexander W. Johnston (1890)

The New Right: A Plea for Fair Play Through a More Just Social Order
By Samuel M. Jones (1899)

Stealing Our Land: The Law, Rent and Taxation
By Kenneth Jupp (1997)