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Cooperative Individualism and Georgism

  • The Broken Trust
    ... Edgar Buck [1983]

  • Class Suicide
    ... Gavin Putland [Progress, March-April, 2007]
  • Classical Analysis and Politics
    ... Harry Pollard [a paper delivered at the conference of the International Union for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade, Brighton, England, 1998]
  • Confessions of a Geoist
    ... Edward Coverdale [June 1999]
  • Cooperative Individualism
    ... J.E. Ferry [Fragments, April-June 1965]
  • Cooperative Individualism in Swedish Society
    ... Peter G. Stromberg (University of Tulsa) [Ethnos: Journal of Anthropology, 20 July, 2010]
  • Deep Security
    ... Alfred F. Andersen [as posted to the World Bank discussion on poverty, March 2000]

  • The Henry George School of Social Science
    ... Lancaster Greene [a paper delivered at the Fifth International Conference to promote Land Value Taxation and Free Trade, Caxton Hall, Westminster, London, September 1936]
  • Influence of Henry George on the Cherokee Nation
    ... Ray Harrell [comments from an internet discussion concerning the history and structure of the Cherokee people during the 19th century, December 31, 1998]
  • Jerome Levy Economic Institute Conference: Land, Wealth and Poverty
    ... Ted Gwartney [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, July 1996]

  • Nature in Economic Theories: Hans Immler Traces Recognition of the Environment -- and Its Neglect -- In Various Classics
    ... Siegfried G. Karsten [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 1987]
  • The Need for a New Economic Paradigm
    ... Chris Thacker [Progress Report, 2001]
  • Neo-Georgism and the Quest for Justice
    ... Robert Andelson [Land & Liberty, November-December 1980]
  • New Social Paradigm Is Vital After Marx
    ... Henry Law [Land & Liberty, April-May 1990]

  • Objective Truth versus Relativism
    ... Edward J. Dodson [a letter published in The Pragmatist, with a response by editor/publisher Christopher C. Faille]
  • Occupancy and Use Versus the Single Tax
    ... Benjamin Tucker [from: Individual Liberty, 1926]
  • Our Unconscious Economic Theories
    ... Ian Lambert [a presentation at the Council of Georgist Organizations conference, Santa Fe, New Mexico, July 1990]
  • The Notes on the Physiocrats
    ... Mason Gaffney [lecture notes on the 18th century school of French political economists, 1998]
  • The Practical Approach
    ... Robert V. Andelson [Henry George News, October 1961]
  • Precious Medals: Purchased Privilege
    ... Harry Pollard [posted to the land-theory discussion group, 29 March 2000]