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Socio-Political George, Henry
essays on (miscellaneous)

  • By George
    ... Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. [a letter to the editor, published in the New York Times, March 27, 1994]

  • Critics and Cassandras: Henry George
    ... Milton Rugoff [from the book America's Gilded Age, 1989]
  • The Challenge of Henry George
    ... Samuel M. Levin [Henry George News, April 1960]
  • Critics of Henry George
    ... Robert V. Andelson, editor [Supplement to the American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 2004]

  • David Duke and American Decline
    ... Michael Kinsley [Time, November 25, 1991, p.110]

  • Francis A. Walker
    ... Vernon Louis Parrington [Vol.3, Main Currents in American Thought, published by Harcourt, Brace & Co., 1927, pp. 111-117]

  • Henry George
    ... [a letter written by Milton Friedman in 1970]
  • Henry George
    ... [The Library of Economics and Liberty]
  • Henry George
    ... Charles B. Fillebrown [from: The Principles of Natural Taxation, published by A.C. McClurg, Chicago, 1917]
  • Henry George
    ... Robert Heilbroner [an excerpt from The Worldly Philosophers]
  • Henry George
    ... Karl Marx [a letter to Sorge, London, 30 June 1881
  • Henry George
    ... William Morris [Justice, 5th April 1884, p.2]
  • Henry George
    ... Louis F. Post [from: The Prophet of San Francisco, 1904]
  • Henry George
    ... Joseph A. Schumpeter [reprinted from History of Economic Analysis, Oxford University Press, 1954, pp. 864-865]
  • Henry George
    ... Rutherford B. Hayes [from his diary, 4 December 1887]
  • Henry George
    ... Ralph Henry Gabriel [from "The Evolution of the Philosophy of the General Welfare State," Chapter 17 of the book, The Course of American Democratic Thought, published by Ronald Press Co., 1940 and 1956, pp.208-215]
  • Henry George: A Character Sketch
    ... Arthur McEwen [the American Monthly Review of Reviews, date?]
  • Henry George
    ... Elbert Hubbard [Great Reformers, 1916]

  • Henry George's Concept of Money and Its Application to 21st Century Monetary Reform
    ... [Stephen Zarlenga, 2010]
  • Henry George's ingenious tax: a contemporary restatement - Special Issue: Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Death of Henry George
    ... Jorgen G. Backhaus [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, October 1997]
  • Henry George's Legacy in Economic Thought
    ... John Laurent, editor [Edwrd Elgar Publisher, 2005]
  • Henry George's Other Idea: "Free Trade" and the Construction of a Georgist Politics
    ... Ronald Yanosky [an edited version of a paper presented at the Council of Georgist Organizations conference, South Plainfield, NJ, August 8, 1997, reprinted in GroundSwell, September-October 1997]
  • Henry George's Property Rights Law: A Modern Land Commons
    ... J.W. Smith [Chapter 2 of the book, Money; A Mirror Image Of The Economy, 2008]
  • Henry George's Theory of Value
    ... Jack Schwartzman [Fragments, Summer/Fall, 1997]

  • Marx on Henry George
    ... Karl Marx [from the letters of Karl Marx, June 30, 1881]
  • Mr. Henry George's Theories
    ... Alfred Russel Wallace [a letter to The Times (London), 29 January 1884

  • On Henry George
    ... [A letter written to Friedrich Sorge, a prominent figure in the U.S. working-class movement, from London, 30 June 1881]

  • The Single Tax versus Social Democracy
    ... [a debate between Henry George and H.M. Hyndman, St. James Hall, London, 2 July 1889]
  • The Social Charge -- On Henry George and the question of private property
    ... Silvano Borruso [April 2003]
  • Review of the book:
    Social Problems, by Henry George
    ... Alfred Russel Wallace [a letter printed in The Times (London), 29 January 1884]
  • The State Socialists and Henry George
    ... Benjamin Tucker [Liberty, 24 September 1887]
  • The Tax to End all Taxes: Where Is Henry George Now That We Need Him
    ... David Hapgood [American Heritage, 197-]
  • Testimony Given to the United States Senate
    ... [George testified as part of the investigation conducted in 1883 by the Senate Committee Upon the Relations Between Labor and Capital. For this portion of the testimony, George is questioned by Senator Willkinson Call of Florida (1834-1910)]
  • Tolstoy and George
    ... Victor Lebrun [Contre-Courant, July 1956 and Terreet Liberte, July-September 1956]
  • The Man Who Said NO!
    ... Malcolm Hill [a 1997 biographical article on Henry George]