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Libertarian Organizations


  • Albert Jay Nock: A Gifted Pen for Radical Individualism
    ... Jim Powell [The Freeman, March 1997]
  • An Egalitarian-Libertarian Manifesto
    ... William A. Sandstrom [16 May 2002]
  • Are You A Real Libertarian, or a Royal Libertarian?
    ... Dan Sullivan [July 1998]
  • Introduction and Preface to: Betrayal of the American Right
    ... Murray Rothbard [LewRockwell.com]
  • Does Freedom Need to be Organized?
    ... Carl Watner [The Voluntaryist, No. 34, October 1988]
  • Economic Justice and Global Trade: An Analysis of the Libertarian Foundations of the Free Trade Paradigm
    ... [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, January, 1996]
  • The Ethics of LIberty
    ... Murray N. Rothbard [Published by NYU Press, 2003; made available online by Google Books]
  • History of the libertarian movement in France of 1968 to our days
    ... [at SpeedyLook.com]
  • In Defense of the Individual
    ... Albert Jay Nock [Reprinted from The Freeman, August, 1940]
  • The Individualist Sentiment
    ... Pierre Lemieux [from: Arms, Law and Society, No.5, Spring, 1996]
  • It's No 'Laffer' Matter: Claim That Increasing Welfare Aid Breeds Poverty and Dependence Fails Statistical Test
    ... Sanford F. Schram and Paul H. Wilken [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 1989]
  • Joshua K. Ingalls, American Individualist: Land Reformer, Opponent of Henry George and Advocate of Land Leasing, Now and Established Mode
    ... Bowman N. Hall [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 1980]
  • Land, Liberty, and Economy: The System of Unequal Rights to Land and Its Incompatibility with Human Natural History
    ... Jack R. Jones and Paul E. Cagnon
  • Left Libertarianism
    ... [at Wikipedia]
  • Left libertarianism: A Review Essay
    ... Barbara H. Fried [Stanford Law School, September 2003]
  • Libertarian Party at Sea on Land
    ... Harold Kyriazi
  • Promoting Individualism
    ... [Reprinted from Chapter 1 of the book, One Is A Crowd, published in 1952 by Devin-Adair Company, New York]
  • Our Enemy the State
    ... Albert Jay Nock
  • The Story of: Raymond Cyrus Hoiles and his Freedom Newspapers
    ... [The Voluntaryist, Vol.3, No.6, May 1986]
  • Rocky Road to Privatization
    ... Lyle C. Fitch [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, January 1988]
  • Those Crazy Libertarians
    ... Joseph Bast [Heartlander, Heartland Institute, July 2007]


Rights / Property in Nature
  • A Geolibertarian FAQ
    ... Todd Altman
  • A Landlord is a Government: The Libertarian Basis for Land Rights
    ... Mike O'Mara [2001]
  • Allocating a 'Scarce' Resource, Water in the West: More Market-like Incentives Can Extend Supply, But Constraints Demand Equitable Policies
    ... Victor Brajer and Wade E. Martin [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 1989]
  • Greens and Libertarians: The yin and yang of our political future
    ... Dan Sullivan [originally appearing in Green Revolution, Volume 49, No. 2, summer, 1992]
  • Libertarianism and Private Property in Land: The Positions of Rothbard and Nozick, Critically Examined, Are Disputed
    ... Walter Horn [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, July 1984]
  • Privatization Versus Groundwater Central Management: Public Policy Choices to Prevent a Water Crisis in the 1990s
    ... Thomas H. Bruggink [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 1992]
  • Third Party Effects of Groundwater Law in the United States: Private Versus Common Property
    ... Thomas H. Bruggink [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 1992]
  • Planning and Financing Water Resource Development in the U.S.: A Review and Policy Perspective
    ... P.K. Rao [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 1988]
  • Water Rights Markets: Social and Legal Considerations: Resource's 'Community' Value, Legal Inconsistencies and Vague Definition and Assignment of Rights Color Issues
    ... Victor Brajer and Wade E. Martin [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 1990]