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One of the School's objectives is to serve as a valuable resource for students, teachers, journalists, authors, researchers and anyone interested in the study of political economy.

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  • The Austrian Economics Study Guide
    ... [Ludwig von Mises Institute]
  • Austrian Theory and Land
    ... Harry Pollard [from the Land-Theory online discussion; in response to Al Date, 3 September, 2001]
  • Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
  • What is Austrian Economics?
    ... [Ludwig von Mises Institute]
  • Why Austrian Economics Matters
    ... Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. [Ludwig von Mises Institute]


Dictionaries of terms

  • New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics
    ... [Palgrave Macmillan]


History of as a science

  • Belief: Its Role in Economic Thought and Action
    ... J. Berkley Rosser, Jr. [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, July 1993]
  • Culture in Neoinstitutional Economics: An Integration of Myrdal and Galbraith into the Veblen-Ayres Matrix
    ... Richard L. Brinkman [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, October 1981]
  • The Current State of Instituional Economics: The Movement's Limited Impact on the Conventional Science Is Ascribed to Disunity, Disinterest in General Theory
    ... Allan G. Gruchy [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, July 1982]
  • Dialectics, Functionalism, and Structualism, in Economic Thought
    ... Siegfried G. Karsten [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, April 1983]
  • Economic Sociology: An Examination of Intellectual Exchange
    ... Michael E. Davern and D. Stanley Eitzen [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, January 1995]
  • Economists and Objectivity
    ... Leonard Silk [A quote taken from: Economics in the Real World]
  • Review of the book, From Posner to Post-Modernism, by Mercero and Medema
    ... Cliff Cobb [posted to the Land-Theory discussion group, January 200x]
  • Gathering of Savvy Socio-Economists Challenges Traditional Economics
    ... Mark Satin [Radical Middle Newsletter, March 2000]
  • History of Political Economy in the United States
    ... Vernon Louis Parrington [Chapter 3, "Changing Theory," Vol.3, Main Currents in American Thought, Harcourt, Brace and Co., 1927, pp. 102-111.]
  • Human Society and the Global Economy Kit
    ... Sims Taylor [Chapter 6, from: Theories of Value, 1996]
  • The Industrial Revolution and Birth of the Anti-Mercantilist Idea
    ... Daniel J. Whiteneck [Journal of World Systems Research, Vol.2, No.1, 1996, published by the University of Colorado]
  • Justice and the Foundations of Economic Thought
    ... Morris A. Copeland [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, April 1982]
  • Meta-ethical Reasonings: Applied to Economics and Business Principles
    ... Bernard J. Reilly and Myron J. Kyj [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, April 1994]
  • New Organicism: A Sketch of the Development of Organismic Thought in Economics
    ... Jacob J. Krabbe [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, April 1992]
  • New Science Validates Laissez-Faire and Draws Attention to Little Known School of Economic Thought
    ... Carole E. Scott, Ph.D. [State University of West Georgia, 1996]
  • On the 40th Anniversay of the American Journal of Economics and Sociology
    ... Will Lissner [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, Vol.40, No.4, October 1981]
    [a website created by Dr. Tran Huu Dung, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio]
  • Roles of Intellectual Pedigress in Economic Science
    ... William Guthrie [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, January 1987]
  • The Sociology of Knowledge as a Tool for Research Into the History of Economic Thought
    ... Jan D. Wisman [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, January 1980]
  • Three Kinds of Economists: Memberships and Characteristics
    ... Carol Copp [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, January 1992]
  • Two Twists in Economic Methodology: Positivism and Subjectivism
    ... William M. Dugger [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, January 1983]
  • 'Value Freedom' and the Scope of Economic Inquiry: I. Positivism's Standard View and the Political Economists
    ... Larry Dwyer [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, April 1982]
  • 'Value Freedom' and the Scope of Economic Inquiry: II. The Fact/Value Continuances and the Basis for Scientific and Humanistic Policy
    ... Larry Dwyer [American Journal of Economics and Sociology, July 1983]


Research Organizations

  • Adam Smith Institute
    ... [London, England, United Kingdom]
  • American Institute for Economic Research,
    ... [Great Barrington, Massachusetts; founded by Edward C. Harwood]
  • American Journal of Economics and Sociology
    ... [A publication of Blackwell Publishing]
  • The Association for Social Economics
    ... [The Association for Social Economics was established in December 1941 in Washington, DC. The association was formed to advance scholarly research and writing about the great questions of economics, human dignity, ethics, and philosophy. Its members seek to explore the ethical foundations and implications of economic analysis, along with the individual and social dimensions of economic problems, and to help shape economic policy that is consistent with the integral values of the person and a humane community. Membership is open to anyone who affirms this purpose]
  • Economic Institutes and Research Organizations on the Web
    ... [a list, with links, compiled by Jone Kane]
  • Foundation for Economic Education
  • Gund Institute for Ecological Economics
    ... [University of Vermont]
  • ... [The Munster School of Business Administration and Economics, Germany]
  • Institute for Fiscal Studies
    ... [An independent research organisation based in the United Kingdom. Its purpose is "to promote effective economic and social policies through rigorous analysis of their impact on individuals, families, firms and the public finances."]
  • The Levy Economics Institute
    ... [at Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, New York]
  • Office of Tax Policy Research
    ... University of Michigan
  • World Economics
    ... Journal of Current Economic Analysis and Policy


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