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1944 April
1944 May
  • Cullman, Otto:
    Government Without Taxation
  • Loomis, Mildred Jensen:
    I Moved to the Country
  • Tucker, Gilbert:
    Henry George's Philosophy
  • Yacktman, Victor:
    Mothers Know Best... So We Thought!
1944 June
1944 July
1944 August
1944 September
1944 October
  • Bateman, Margaret:
    Preventing Future Wars
  • Editors:
    Review of the book:
    A Practical Program for a Just Peace, by Francis Neilson
  • Johnson, Wilbur:
    Landlord's Black Market
  • Levin, Sam:
    From Booms to Bankruptcy
  • Mason, J. Rupert:
    In the Supreme Court of the United States, Petition for Writ of Certiorari
  • Miller, John J.:
    Look to the Land
1944 November
  • Bringmann, George:
    Jonesy on Wage Protection
  • Newcomb, William:
    Are We Heading Toward Statism?
1944 December
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1945 July
  • Bromfield, Louis:
    One Foot on the Soil
1945 August
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1947 March
  • Neilson, Francis:
    "You Are Here for a Purpose"
1947 April
1947 May
1947 June
1947 July
1947 August
  • Alper, Noah D.
    "Justice Begins at Home"
  • Christianson, Andrew P.
    "Wht Price Money"
  • Lincoln, John C.
    "The golden Rule and the Moral Law"
  • Post, Charles Johnson
    "Let's Consider Tax Reform"
  • McNair, William N.
    "They Fly Through the Air"
1947 September
1947 October
1947 November
  • Clancy, Robert
    "A Word With You: No End in Sight to our Economic Muddle
  • Codman, John S.
    "Capitalism Can Be Saved"
  • Della Volpe, Domenic
    "View the Future with Hope"
  • Mason, J. Rupert
    "California Tax Ruling"
  • McNair, William N.
    "A Differential Element"
  • Tideman, Henry L.T.
    "We Keep On Rolling Along"
1947 December
  • Brown, Harry Gunnison
    "Study Relation of Men to the Earth"
  • Clancy, Robert
    "A Word With You"
  • Davies, G.R.
    "America's Only Original Economist"
  • Folke, F.
    "Ground Due Part of Danish Language
  • LeTourneau, R.G.
    "Price Shrinking"
  • Loomis, Mildred Jensen
    "Georgism and Decentralism"
  • Peterson, V.G.
    Review of the book:
    Modern Man and the Libert Arts, by Francis Neilson
1948 January
  • Clancy, Robert
    "A Word With You: Postwar Suffering in Europe"
  • Kennedy, Foster
    "Education -- Six to Sixty"
1948 February
  • Briggs, George A.
    "Quest for Optimism"
  • Brunker, E.G.
    "Protection in England"
  • Clancy, Robert
    "A Word With You: Opening Pandora's Box"
  • Dominguez, C. Villalobos
    "Let's Look at Canberra"
  • Dorn, Otto K.
    Review of the book:
    "Will Dollars Save The World," by Henry Hazlitt"
  • Dorn, Otto K.
    "The Freedom Road or --?"
  • Fua-Lamessine, Hugues
    "The Physiocrats"
  • Hansen, Josephine Billington
    "Yearly Yardstick or Who Gets the National Income in U.S.A.?"
  • Ivanoff, N.
    "The Ponophysiocratic Principle and Georgism
  • Leon, William G.
    "A Few Facts from Figures"
  • Steele, C.O.
    "Did You Get Yours?"
1948 March
  • Clancy, Robert
    "A Word With You: Feeble Gestures the Norm for Dealing with Cyclical Economic Headaches"
  • Clancy, Robert:
    Letter to the Editor:
    Nature Will Correct Human Misuse of the Land
  • Drexler, Xavier F.
    "The French Franc"
  • Greene, Lancaster M.
    "Georgist Holiday -- 9360 Miles"
  • Ligutti, L.G.
    "Economics Is a Fascinating Pursuit"
  • Lincoln, John Cromwell
    "Some Important Axioms"
  • Madsen, Arthur W.
    "Town Planning -- Fulfilment or Frustration?"
1948 April
  • Alper, Noah D.
    "It Set Me a-Thinking"
  • Brugener, William
    "How I Came to Embrace the Principles Embraced by Henry George"
  • Clancy, Robert
    "A Word With You: The Spread of Communism"
  • Greene, Lancaster M.
    "Pre-Georgian Justice"
  • Lincoln, John Cromwell
    "Some Important Axioms"
  • MacDonald, Donald
    "What Unemployment"
  • Purdy, Lawson
    "The Assessment of Real Estate"
  • Rusby, George L.
    "An Object Lesson"
1948 May
  • Alper, Noah D.
    "More About the Indians"
  • Clancy, Robert
    "A Word With You: Claiming Ownership of the Moon"
  • Friedberg, Eugene
    "The Synthesis of Labor"
  • Lincoln, John C.
    "Is Economic Freedom Possible With High Prices for Land?"
  • Owens, Herbert T.
    "land Value Taxation in Canada"
  • Thompson Joseph S.
    "How I Came to Embrace the Principles Embraced by Henry George"
1948 June
1948 July
1948 August
1948 September
  • Alper, Noah D.
    "Land Is a Magnet"
  • Briggs, George A.
    "Georgism and Popular Government"
  • Clancy, Robert
    "Too Many People"
  • L'Hommedieu, Howard W.
    "Wages, Profit and Interest"
  • O'Connor, Wiliam S.
    Review of the book:
    Christ's Object in Life, by John C. Lincoln
  • Truehart, Bessie Beach
    "How I Came to Embrace the Principles Embraced by Henry George"
  • Tucker, Gilbert M.
    "Shall We Soak the Utilities?"
1948 October
  • Brown, Harry Gunnison:
    Henry George and the Causation of Interest
  • Clancy, Robert
    "A Word With You: Economists Have Abandoned the Idea that Economics is a Science"
  • Editors:
    "The Last Campaign: Charles Ingersoll and William McNair Died 'In the Line of Duty'"
  • Editors:
    "Henry George and The Causation of Interest
1948 November
  • Clancy, Robert
    "A Word With You: When Will Principles of Justice Be Adopted?"
  • Clancy, Robert:
    Letter to the Editor:
    Is the Philosophy of Freedom a Dream?
  • Editors:
    International Union Conference Announcement
  • Fowlds, George M.
    "Balancing the Budget with Stamps"
  • Hoover, Glenn E.
    "Henry George and Problems of Our Time"
  • Lincoln, John C.
    "Land Values and Wages"
  • Loomis, Hiram B.
    "What Do You Mean by the State?"
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